Episode 30 !!!

Topic 1: Karl’s Robot Cat

Karl bought himself a robotic cat! It’s a Hasbro “Joy for All” companion animal. We talk about what this means for the bigger picture of robotics, human interaction, jobs, and opportunities going forward.

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On robots taking jobs:

Topic 2: Voice Interface and Web Site Accessibility

As a result of a Supreme Court case, retail web sites must “accessible” – and this may include voice accessibility. To be specific, retail web sites must be accessible AND must be compatible with a voice assistant.

Dave talked about developing voice access with Alexa (see https://developer.amazon.com).

At the same time, Apple is making major moves on voice activation and accessibility.




Dave continues to looking like a visionary on this one.

Topic 3: Noise Pollution

A great article from The Atlantic digs into noise pollution and declares that “Noise is the exhaust of the digital economy,” and exhaust is pollution that poisons humans.

We dig into noise pollution generally, both in “tech” environments and daily life.


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