First show of 2021! Let the prognostication begin.

Topic 1: Forrester says US online holiday shopping to reach $173 B

Constant question: How much of this is temporary vs. permanent?

Have you built a store for your clients? We think this is a great opportunity for IT professionals.

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Topic 2: Is there any good news for MSPs in 2021 Cybersecurity?

Predictions include:

  • Cloud misconfigurations will be one of the top causes of data breaches.
  • We’ll see the consequences of employees letting their guards down as work-from-home extends.
  • Legacy security architecture like VPNs will be the weak link for many organizations, and use of zero trust network access is likely to accelerate in 2021.


Topic 3: 75% of electrical capacity growth expected to be renewable for the next three years

Solar, Wind, and Water power are growing dramatically – without regard to political points of view. Coal dominates the power source being retired.

This actually matters, going forward.


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